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Surgery Information

Having a Splint or Cast

The splint and cast are used to protect the injured area from sudden or harsh movements, which can cause pain, swelling, or further injury. They hold the injured area in place, so that proper healing can occur. Before the casting can be removed, the bone needs to be completely healed. Itching is commonly experienced amongst patients with casts. The best way to soothe itchiness is to use a blow dryer set on "cool" to blow inside the cast or cue tip dipped in alcohol to help relieve the area. It is important to keep the splint or cast dry or a rash and/or infection can develop (A hairdryer can help to dry a wet cast)

After the first couple of days, patients may feel the cast is too tight. This occurs due to the continuous swelling of the injury. Keeping the injured area above heart level, exercising the fingers and toes, and applying ice in a dry plastic bag to the cast will help to reduce swelling.


If the patient and the doctor decide to opt for surgery, our office will schedule the date that best fits the patient's schedule.

There may be some necessary lab tests depending on medical history of the patient (ie. the pre-operative evaluation and clearance for surgery).

After the surgery you will need to call the office to schedule a post-operation visit. This is so the doctor can monitor your injury and make sure it is healing properly. Contact the office if you have any questions. We make it our priority to answer your questions promptly and to the best of our ability. Most of Dr. Nguyen's time is spent in the operating room or examining patients so please be patient if you need to speak with him.
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