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Hip Replacement

Hip Resurfacing

Only the damaged surface of the socket is removed, but the operation is more complicated than hip replacement. Because of the structure of the hip, the intact ball is obstructive and makes it difficult to work on the socket. This resurfacing method is only recommended in younger, active patients.

Hip Replacement

People with hip joint damage caused by injury or by disease (Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis) are good candidates for hip replacement.

The arthritic femoral head is removed, and replaced with a metal ball. The ball has a metal stem which is anchored into the hollow space inside the femur bone with bone cement. The worn out socket is replaced with a plastic socket. The goals of hip replacement surgery are relieving pain and improving mobility. The painful aspects of the arthritic hip are thereby completely replaced with metal and plastic surfaces. The plastic socket has a very low frictional resistance, and a very low wear rate against the metal ball. Following surgery the patient will need physical therapy to familiarize with the new hip.

Technology and research has tremendously improved the artificial parts, allowing them to last longer and fit better. Hip replacement has a very high success rate and widely used. However, this treatment will work not for everyone. It depends on the other health problem a patient may have. To determine whether you are a good candidate for hip replacement, call for a consultation. With extensive training in orthopedic surgery and mechanical back ground, Dr Doan Nguyen will be sure to make the decision that best fits your needs. Call 281 807 5432 for appointment.
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